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Plant Oils-Israel- Holy Land

Medicinal Plant oils-Israel-Holy Land

Pure & Simple Company offers a limited time Sale to all its Medicinal Plant oils (not include ether oils). Our products are sold from 10 cc quantity and up.
Dear costumer, before purchasing any of our products, we recommend to read our medicinal plants guide (in our website www.simple-natural.net under "Plant remedy") which will help you to pick the right products for your needs.
Pure & Simple does all the efforts to have its product to meet all the highest standard and quality that available. This includes plant freshness and type picked. (For more information you can also look in our "forum")
Note: Our products do not replace any subscribed medicine given to a patient

Plant Oils from Pure & Simple Ltd.

Plant oils derived from plant uniquely grow in the Land of Israel Holy Land

Plant Oils derived through process of soaking and based on ancient Jewish teaching and heritage these are non etheric oils and are Kosher for consumption (as food) and suitable foe external and internal use. (please read specific limitations on product label).

Ginger oil-Israel-Holy Land

Ginger oil

The ginger oil is produced from parts of the ginger plant by an ancient process of soaking. It is gentle oil that is suitable for spicing food. The ginger plant grows in the land of Israel and it is kosher for consumption. It is good for external as well for internal use. In the Jewish sage literature the ginger is mentioned as worthy food for gift offering in Purim. As a medicine, the ginger is considered by the sages as good for treating many health problems. Its name ginger (Zingiber officinale) given from Sanskrit: SINGBARA meaning 'horns' (the plant's root resembles deer's horn). Dioscredes, the Greek doctor of the 1st century AD, points out the ginger's effectiveness in warming up the stomach, which helps digestion, and it also a good medicine for sever food poisoning.
Popular Medicine; The Yemenite Jews use ginger mixed with cinnamon as medicine for improving sight. They also believe that ginger mixed with honey is good against coughing and mucous, improve male sexual potency. The Jews in Kochi (south-west India) used to drink an extract of fresh ginger root and mix its juice with cognac and salt to treat diarrhea. Ginger juice soaked in a bandage on the forehead is used for reliving aches and preventing vomiting. The Iranian Jews grind ginger and press it inside the aching tooth for relieves. Modern medicine uses ginger's stem for expanding skin's upper blood vessels for improving breathing and digestion. The Ginger's stem is reach with etheric oil, which is good for removing mucous in the trachea. The ginger oil is good as a general as an invigorating substance; sexual arouser, clean warms and strengthens the body immune system. Good against arthritis and Candida.

Sweet Bay/laurel oil-Israel-Holy Land

Sweet Bay/laurel oil
It's popular name is laurel, which originates from Greek and Roman mythology. Our ancestors (Jews) used the Sweet bay for removing stomach worms. The Babylonian Talmud has identified the sweet bay with the pine tree. Popular Medicine; among the Arabs and Druses living in the Galilee area (Northern Israel), it is used as a medicine to relieve rheumatism pain, babies' diarrhea and vomiting. Good against tooth's caries, ear infection, for paralyzed body organs, for food poisoning and cold. It is also effective hair's strengthening, making the skin soft and removing bad odors from body (sweat). Simple-Natural Co. produces the laurel oil from the sweet bay plats found in the Galilee region, and it is made from all the plant's parts. It is good for external as well as internal use at the recommended dosage. It is kosher oil and suitable for rheumatism, skin problems, Candida and sever fungal infection, hair dropout, paralyzed organs, ear problems, over sweating, joints aches and more.

Clove (eugenia aromatica) Oil

Clove (eugenia aromatica) Oil

The clove Oil is derived trough soaking and it is very effective in curing severe fungal infections, sleep disorders, removing toxic from body and joints aches. It has also arousal, invigorating and warming up effects. It is antibacterial.
Folklore & origins: The Clove is first mentioned in the Far East literature of the 3rd century BCE as a popular herb in China. It is told that the officers serving in the governor's court were forced to chow regularly clove grains to maintain a pleasant mouth odor when they speak with their master. In the 16th and 17th centauries the Portuguese have taken control the herb's trade routes from the Maluku Islands to Europe, until the Dutch have seized it from them in 1605. In the religious sources (Mishna), the clove serves as an important element in incense practice.
Already in old ages Jews used the Clove's flowers as perfumes for the Havdalah Ceremony (a ceremony that marks the exit of the holy Shabbat and the start of the weekdays).
Popular Medicine; Among various Jewish ethnic groups, the clove is serves as an important medical remedy. The Yemenite Jews find the clove as effective in curing pneumonia, cleanses the body, kills stomach worms, regulates the intestine, relieve toothache and strengthens the memory. The Babylonian Jews recommend boiling cinnamon and clove together and drinking it to treat kidney stones and dysentery.
In the vegan medicine, it is used as reliving intestine fermentation, encouraging blood circle, spasm relive, toothache, nerve ache, rheumatism and muscle cramps.

Thorny Caper Oil-Israel-Holy Land

Thorny Caper Oil
(Special order only)

The caper oil is derived from all plant's parts and mainly from its buds and flowers. The oil is produced via process of soaking, and it is kosher for consumption. It is very effective for solving male sexual potency, hearing, rheumatism, female infertility, open wounds and infection, diabetes, teeth and trachea.
Folklore Origins; in the bible (Old Testament) the caper is called ZALAF (Nehemiah 3, 30). Our ancestors have resembled the caper fruit shape as a sexual organ, thus it is also called EVIONA (Hebrew) for Libido (Ecclesiastes, 12, 5). The Arab peasants use the caper till nowadays as increasing male sexual potency and treating female infertility. In the Talmud and Mishna era, the caper was treated as a vegetable crop, and all its buds, fruits, leaves and branches were used for consumption. Caper and vinegar was considered as a medicine for heart problems.
Popular Medicine: Among the Arabs living in the Holy land it was considered as a medicine for treating hearing problems, rheumatism, female infertility, open and infectious wounds, diabetes, tooth aches and chest's maladies.

Cardamom Oil-Israel-Holy Land

Cardamom Oil

Already in ancient days, the cardamom herb was valued as a hard currency. In ancient Indian medicine books, the Cardamom is described as a good remedy for urinary tubular system diseases and for losing weight. In the 1st century AD, Rome has imported cardamom in large quantities from India where it grows wild. At that time Apiaceous has recommended this herb as a medicine for digestion for people who exaggerated in eating. In the Arab countries, and especially in Saudi Arabia, Cardamom is very popular herb. Guests receive coffee boiled with the cardamom, to express the special treat that the host have to his guests. Assaf, the Ancient Jewish doctor (who lived in the Holy land 6th century AD and wrote many medical books), relates the cardamom powers to heal sick eyes and intestine
Popular Medicine: The Yemenite Jews use it in coffee and it is an important ingredient in meat, poultry and soup (called HAWA-EGE) dishes. The view the cardamom as good medicine for lack of appetite, to regulate the intestine, prevents nausea and vomiting, against, kidney's stones. The cardamom seeds are used for treating coughing, mucous and curing tuberculosis. The Babylonian Jews (Iraq) recommend those who suffer from kidney stones to add as much as possible cardamom in most of their dishes. They believe that this spice is good against burps and stomach gasses. It also stops bleeding from the womb and improve male sexual potency. The cardamom oil is produced mainly from its seeds via ancient soaking process. This process gives the oil its unique odor. This oil is kosher for consumption and it's good for treating above mentioned problems.

Giant Tamarisk Oil-Israel -Holy Land

Giant Tamarisk Oil
(Special order only)
The following are few examples where this plant is mentioned in the bible: Our father Abraham has planted giant tamarisk in Be-er Shevah southern part of Israel, (Genesis, 21, 33) Saul is said to seat under the Giant Tamarisk on a hill (Samuel 1, 24,6). Saul and his sons were buried under the Giant Tamarisk tree (Samuel 1, 31,13). Bible researchers are not unanimous that the Giant Tamarisk mentioned in these sources , (under the Hebrew name Eshel", are actually Tamarisk. Some of the believe that the word Eshel simply means a big tree. Nevertheless, The Arabs in Israel have maintained the Hebrew name for the Tamarisk. Popular Medicine This tree is very popular among the Bedouins in the Negev (south of the Israel), and they believe the oil produced from it’s the Tamarisk's leaves, us good for women who just gave birth. The Bedouins think it helps to remove the placenta, cleans the womb and relieve of after birth pains. The oil derived from the tamarisk's peel and roots, is effective against fungus and lice. This is kosher oil and sold by special order only and good for treating: fungus, lice, problems associated with after birth, womb cleansing and ulcer.

White willow Oil-Israel -Holy Land

White willow Oil
The willow is one of the "Four Species" (of the Jewish holiday Sukkoth) (Leviticus, 23, 40). That proves that already in the biblical time the high priests serving God in the temple have recognized the medical qualities of the willow, especially its positive effect on the blood. Many modern researches have shown that the Willow contains Aspirin (mainly in the willow's peel). The natural Aspirin inventor, who discovered the medicine for blood dilution, has found it at the summit of the river willow trees and poplar trees. Our ancestors have used the willow to create wicker woven baskets. Popular Medicine: The willow is popular among the Arabs living in the Jordan valley, who consider it as pain reliever, reduce fever, anti constipation at the urinary tract gums and tonsils inflammation, skin rashes and burns, wounds and bruises. In order to maintain its freshness, the willow oil is produced upon order only. This freshness is especially vital for those who suffer from heart problems or post brain stroke patients that suffer from blood associated problems like blood clot. This oil is kosher for consumption and it's good for treating above mentioned problems.

Cypress Oil-Israel -Holy Land

Cypress Oil
(Special order only)

In the Jewish heritage the Cypress symbolizes person's height strength (one example: kings 2, 19, 50). To build the temple's walls, floors, and doors the used Cypress trees (kings 1, 6, 15) The Zur people used it to built ships, and the people of Israel made furniture (Song of Songs 1, 17). In the Talmud, The Cypress is one of four types of the Cedar trees. Among bible researchers, there is disagreement with regard to the Cypress mentioned in the bible, thus identifying it with three types of trees: Funeral Cypress, Jerusalem pine, Juniper. Popular Medicine: The Cypress is very popular among Arabs in Israel who believe it can treat diabetes gum bleeding, toothache and severe heartburn. The Cypress oil is derived from all the tree's parts upon special order only, and it is good for treating the above-mentioned problems. It is suitable for internal use.

Eucalyptus Oil-Israel -Holy Land

Eucalyptus Oil

This is one of the most popular oils. Known by all, and found in almost every house. There are between 200 to 700 types such as, Citnodora, Dives, Blue Malee, Gray Peppermint, Gully Gum, Smithy, Radiata and others. The most popular Eucalyptus type is Eucalyptus globules which is anti-viral anesthetic, expectorant (gurgling), invigorate (in smelling). It is very effective against breathing problems (few drops of this oil on the kid's pillow and the vapors clears breathing). Massage using Eucalyptus Oil on the chest, or hot bath mixed with 15 drops do the same healing effect. This oil is also good for acne and disinfection of open wounds. Together with Rosemary, it can handle lice removing. The Eucalyptus oil is found in many anti-coughing medicines, toothpaste, refreshing, improving breathing products; repel mosquitoes, and germs (use sprayed water mixed with few drops of the oil in the room). The Eucalyptus oil is derived from tree's parts (that grows in the Holy Land). It is good for external as well as internal use (kosher), and treats the following problems: breathing, asthma, joints, throat, anti-inflammatory and relaxes.

Plant oils -ISRAEL

Plant oils -ISRAEL

Common Hyssop- Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Improves memory, relieves toothaches, stomach aches and head ache, treats bites and bee stings, disinfects wounds, sores & skin fungus.

Cultured Hyssop- Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Calms nervousness and spasms, prevents intestine fermentation and stomach aches. Disinfects infections and sores inside the mouth.

Medical Hyssop- Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

It is a scent-spreading plant that generates overall calmness. Pain reliever, anti-fugus and prevents catching cold.

Aloe (Vera) - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Excellent for treating skin bruises, relaxes digestion system, anti-bacterial, strengthens the immune systems.

Chamomile - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Absorbs and neutralize stomach gasses, cures skin sores. Excellent for treating eye's infections.

Thyme - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Anti-infections in the respiratory, digestion, and urination systems. It is a pain reliever.

Holy Thistle - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

It is made from ground plant's seeds blanching. Excellent for treating liver diseases. Defuse the liver from fats, toxics and viruses.

Common Myrtle - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Anti-bacteria, viruses and fungus. Cleans the respiratory system. Relieve headache and ear pain.

White Savory - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

An excellent plant for drinking and blanching. Effective for treating colds. Good for clearing respiratory channels. Relieve stomach aches and heal wounds.

Common Ginger - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

A syrup made of ground ginger roots mixed with wine. Good for treating respiratory problems. Warms the stomach and helps digestion prevents vomiting and pain.

Lemon Grass (verbena) - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

An excellent plant for drinking and blanching. Calms and strengthens the heart. Anti- coughing and throat inflammation. Improves digestion process.

Wormwood - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

An invigorating and sexually arouser plant. Relieve stomach aches and anti- intestine worms. Strengthens the female reproductive system.

Common Balm - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Anti depression, relive tension and insomnia, relaxes spasms and tense muscles. Absorbs gasses in the digestion system. Increase sweating to relieve fever.

Common Sage - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Good for treating throat infection, colds and coughing. Prevents infection in the digestion system, regulate menstruation and prevents over sweating.

Horn leaved Sage - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

"Cure s everything". Anti viruses and bacteria. Cures internal and external infections reduces sugar level in blood and urinates.

Peppermint - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Anti nausea and vomiting, absorbs gasses, increases secretion of Gall bladder bile, increases sweating in treating fever and insect's bites.

Roman nettle - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

It is a strengthening plant, helps kidneys and liver drainage capabilities. Lowers the sugar level, prevent anemia (hemolytic) and strengthens the hair's roots.

Black Elder - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Originates from Europe and North-West Africa, this plant is effective against viruses and most effective in treating diseases of the respiratory system and rheumatic pain.

Common Rue - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Neutralize "Evil Eye", anti intestine worms, Anti-bacteria, soothe and relax muscles, strengthens child-bearing system.

Sweet Bay/ Laurel - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Good for rheumatism, skin problems, Candida and sever fungal infection, hair dropout, paralyzed organs, ear problems, over sweating, joints aches and more.

Echinacea - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

This is the most effective product for improving the immune system. It is anti-infections, bacteria and viruses. Prevents allergies and cure various skin problem.

Rosemary - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Invigorating, relieves headache and stomach aches, prevents blood clot, and improves blood flow. Anti oxygenation and repel hair's lice.

Basil - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Used with syrup and honey, excellent for treating coughing and throat inflammations. Good against mosquito bites, and lowers the sugar level in blood.

Marjoram - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Improves memory, relieve toothache headache and stomach pain. Good for treating stings and bites, disinfects wounds and skin fungus.

Sweet Marjoram - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Soothes nervousness and spasms, prevents intestine's fermentation and stomach pain. Disinfects inflammations inside mouth area.

Lavender - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Perfumer plant for general relaxation, good for pain reliever, anti-fugues and against catching cold.

Aloe (Alovera) - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Excellent cure for all sorts of skin problems, relaxes the digestion system. Anti-bacterial invigorates the immune system.

Chamomile - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Gas absorbent, against infections and allergies. Cures skin diseases and excellent for treating eye infection.

Thyme - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Effective against infections in the digestion, urination and breathing systems. It is also used as pain reliever.

Holy Thistle - Simple Natural

Use and medical benefits:

Blenching from squashed seeds. Excellent for liver diseases. Cleans the liver from fats, toxics and viruses.

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Health medicaments of the Land of Israel

Health medicaments of the Land of Israel

In simple natural you can find health medicaments that are mentioned in the ancient holy land folklore.
The directions for preparing the incense have been given in the bible (Exodus 30. v-34 to v-38). Although they aren't detailed they supply ingredient's list: 'Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum; sweet spices with pure frankincense; of each shall there be a like weight. There are also list of actions to be taken thou shalt make of it incense, a perfume after the art of the perfumer, seasoned with salt, pure and holy. ----- And the incense which thou shalt make, according to the composition thereof ---

Simple Natural has a variety of these medicaments mentioned in the bible, Talmud, Mishna and 4000 years old tradition. These medicaments have effective therapeutic and medical virtues

Nard (spikenard), myrrh, musk, and Amber, Cinnamon cane, clove, ,Dead sea salt. Cypress Wine, Persimmon's oil, Caramel, Soft-hairy calycotome common sage for purification,
In addition to these, you can find a large variety of medicinal plants for different use, such as personal care, natural products pharmacists and health clinics. We, at Simple Natural handpick all of our products directly from nature. Our products are Bio-organic and thus treated manually without using any machines. Among them you can find; Common Myrtle, laurel, mastic tree, Sage, Lemmon grass, Rosmeary, lesser elecampane, Spiny burnet, Rue, Nettle, oil leaves, pomegranate peel, pomegranate seeds, willow, citrus peels, Eucalyptus, Tuya and more.
Common additions that go with the above products: Pumice rock (for removing dead skin from feet).green, yellow, white or brown marlstone soil, rich and various tea blanching of medicinal plants, natural green myrtle talcum powder, minerals from The Dead See & seaweed, Savak Stick (a natural tooth brush), natural tooth paste, sea sponge, natural vegetal band aid, oyster case for soap carrying. Various harden soap bars made from olive oil and medicinal plants, air refresher kits for home and office. Powders of medicinal plants such as: pomegranate, almond, grapes' seeds, sesame seeds, nigella seeds flax (linen) seeds.

Simple Natural :Medicinal Plants Treatment Kits
"Whose leaf shall not wither, neither shall the fruit thereof fail; it shall bring forth new fruit every month, because the waters thereof issue out of the sanctuary; and the fruit thereof shall be for food, and the leaf thereof for healing." (Ezekiel, 47, v-12)
Pigmentation Treatment Kit :
The citron products are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types, achieves good and stable results. The kit includes; citron oil, citron soap, citron cream, citron serum, cream of TUYA pearl, citron peeling, marlstone soil and sea sponge. The kit is intended for personal use, cosmeticians, therapists and healers, cosmetic's clinics, beauty saloons, plastic surgeons.
Nails' fungal infection treatment kit:
Includes cleaning set or Hyssop oil cream (your choice) for external use for treating fungal infections, salt, natural band aid (made from tree's resin) myrtle talcum.
Acne treatment kit: includes:
cleaning complex, or hyssop oil (your choice), nard-turmeric cream, nard-turmeric serum, geranium cream, geranium serum, primrose oil, balm oil, hormonal balance complex for internal use.
Hair loss treatment kit:
This kit achieves results through persistent treatment while emphasizing body-soul wholeness. This kit includes myrtle shampoo geranium maringa shampoo, hair softener, Eshkul Hakuffer mask, myrtle hair mask, fenugreek oil, primrose oil, hair loss preventing complex for internal use.
Lice treatment kit:
This kit achieves its results based on the research made on the Indian margosa tree. The kit includes; NIM Oil, myrtle shampoo, myrtle-geranium hair softener, hyssop plant oil / wormwood oil for internal use.
Psoriasis Treatment kit:
This kit treats psoriasis problems while emphasizing body-soul wholeness. It includes; myrtle shampoo, Black diamond shampoo, NIM Treatment cream, aloe Vera gel, NIM anti-aging cream, musk amber cream baby pasta plants, hardened NIM soap, primrose cream, primrose relaxing complex oil, cleaning complex, iron complex for internal use.
Weight loss treatment kit:
Tamarind extract, papaya oil, weight loss complex.
Constipation treatment kit;
The kit includes 6 different medicinal plants such as: chamomile, buckthorn and more. The plants' oil complex includes various medicinal plants and roses concoction.
Pito-therapy clinic – healing through the holy land's medicinal plants
In pito- therapy our body has its own ability to heal itself, thus, the herbalist, who is actually the pito-therapist, functions here only as someone who assist the body to cure itself in a delicate manners. When a person is faced with an illness the a therapist uses holy land medicinal plant will assist him to overcome the illness, by removing those very elements that caused problem like external contamination, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity and etc,. The therapist in this case does not deal in suppressing the illness symptoms. The medicinal plants' therapist helps to create a healthier way of life for the patient. The holy land medicinal therapy has border knowledge in Jewish medicine. The therapist uses for diagnostic proposes of body-soul, facial signs medical therapy, Philo-Therapy (Healing through Jewish Philosophy). The tools which the pito-therapist uses is asking questions and uses common found non-etheric plant oils, natural syrup, healthy nutrition, food additives based upon the traditional Jewish medicinal tradition, physical exercise, engagement techniques, and various methods that deal in the emotional aspects.
Holy Land's oil plants
"Thine ointments have a goodly fragrance; thy name is as ointment poured forth; therefore do the maidens love thee (Song of Songs ch-1, vs-3).
Oils from medicinal plants made through ancient soaking process of the Jewish tradition. These superior medicinal oil plants are non-etheric (does not evaporate) and they are kosher for consumption, as well for internal and external use. Simple pleasure ltd. Simple Pleasure does all the efforts to make sure its products meet the highest quality standards available. This includes plant freshness, type picked as well as the virgin olive oil that consist its base.
A list of leading vegetal oils;
Most of these oils are made for swallowing unless marked otherwise.
Oregano, hyssop, Mountain knotgrass, buckthorn, citrus, thistle, germander, Echinacea , thimble grove, myrtle, laurel, cardamom, valerian, dog rose, sea pancratium, fenugreek, mustard, chrysanthemum, common black bryony, tarragon, evening primrose, rue, flax, calendul, pomegranate, common leqorice, common almond, sage, frankincense, lavender, musk, myrrh, amber, rosemary, saffron, spikenard, aromatica, caper, cinnamon, soft-hairy calycotome.
A list of cold compressed oils;
Superior oils extracted through cold compression process of selected holy land's medicinal plants. These oils suitable for swallowing as well as for external use. They are intended especially for therapists healers and masseurs. You can get these fine products from Simple Pleasure at 1 kg each (kosher).
Sweet Almond oil pomegranate seeds oil Flex seeds oil Sesame oil
Pure Jojoba oil Nigella oil Olive oil Grapes' seeds oil
A list of vegetal oils' composites
We in Simple Pleasure have created a unique blending between the Holy Land plants by naturally concocting these plants together in a perfect synergy which helps various medical techniques.Here are few of the plant's oil composite blending and their healing power: male sexual potency, premenopause, breastfeeding composite, weight loss, pregnancy, fertility, immune system, gum disease, hemorrhoids pain, arthritis, mussel aches, back pain, bone pain, internal pains, cholesterol, heart problems, blood pressure, intestine provoker, liver and blood cleansing, hair loss, diabetes. Composite for achieving balance at the transition season, constipation, fungal infection, prostate, labor pains – body healing, Candida, Crown disease, A relax composite for sleep, hearing, mussels, joints and tendon, appetite, worms, iron.
Most of these oils are for swallowing (3 drops one a day only under the tongue) unless marked otherwise.
Simple Pleasure' natural cosmetics
Bio-organic green cosmetics
"Six months with oil of myrrh, and six month with sweet odors" (Esther ch-2.v-12)
Skin care products: nutrition for your body and face's skin.
Creams: A variety creams created from medicinal plants and natural only raw materials solely based on the Galilee area Holy land unique aromas. They are use for anti-aging and hypoallergenic products that suits all skin types.
Musk &Amber cream, Evening primrose cream, spikenard-curcuma cream, Holly berry cream, Geranium cream, pomegranate cream, citrus cream (for pigmentation) myrtle frankincense cream together with a pearl natural vitamins and minerals and more…
Various Serums for all skin types
Facial cream masks made from medicinal plants for daily use. Suitable for personal use, cosmeticians. Oils for face' massage. Natural CONSILARS made from marlstone soil of the Galilee area that are also used for removal of toxins.
Peeling products made from medicinal plants such as: flax, pomegranate, almond, grapes' seeds, nigella, sea weed and various salts that contain natural minerals with rich aromas' spectrum.
Natural perfumes made from medicinal plants
"Thy shoots are a park of pomegranates, with precious fruits; henna with spikenard plants" (Song of Songs. 4, 13)
Simple Pleasure is proud to present it own unique Song of Songs perfume series. Natural perfumes that brings the biblical era odors and of the Galilee. Musk &Amber, Evening primrose, citrus, lavender. Persimmon perfume, Jasmine, geranium and more.
Simple Pleasure's "Weed Song" Series: Hair care products: Various shampoo for all hair types, superb soaps for body and face, that are also suitable for treatment and daily use, Hair softener made from plant, face lotion, pure scalp lotion
Simple Pleasure's soaps (bar or liquid)/ shampoo / scalp lotion made fro Holy land medicinal plants. These products created in the most advance technological technique and without manual interference
Hyssop MORINGA Myrtle scalp lotion
ESHKUL AH-KOFFER Syrian Ash tree Geranium Softener
Citrus nettle
Geranium Flax

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